Glam up with Glitters!

Get Twinkling Seductive Glitzy Eyes this Season!

Eyes are the reflection of soul and beyond. So give your peppy souls a gush of glam with glitters this season. Glitters are not only gaudy but their mystique prominence gives you an edge over the others, compelling all eyes to follow you. Glittering and Shimmers have had their fair share of evolution. Donning shades like champagne lavender and sultry grey gives a mellowed transition to this gleaming trend. But smearing glitters over your eyes isn’t a child’s play. Half of us turn down the idea of going glitzy, petrified by the makeup removal session, post party. Trust me, we all have been there!

So today, keeping all of this in mind, I have compiled a few tips for you to follow, while embracing glitters and taking them off.

While Smearing:

  • OK! This may sound a little impulsive, but that leftover sparkle from your craft session isn’t what e use for makeup! If you know what I mean!
  • Now that you are all gritty to go for it, I suggest, you complete your eye look first and then go for the rest of your face. In this case you can wipe off the extra glitter from your face and go for your face afresh.
  • Eye primers and concealers are the gladiators of eye makeup. They not only give a smooth base to the lid, but also support the glitters from falling off.
  • Scared of glitters goring all over your face? Hold a tissue close to your lower lid to get hold of that unwanted sparkle.
  • Finally, go for a makeup setting spray, if you want to swag about those shimmery stars all night!

While Removing:

  • Get rid of those pesky traitors that ditch the eyelid and land on your cheeks. Either brush them off or go for adhesive tapes to plug them out
  • Go for an oil based makeup remover. It is not only gentle to the skin, but also ensures an in-depth clean up.

Now that you’ve got a handful of tips on the glitzy glam bam, I anticipation you’ll explore, more of what shimmer has to offer. So go ahead, dazzle around and embrace those perfect disco-licious Eyelids!

A few promising glitter shadows for 2017: