The Evolutionary Journey of Makeup

Evolution of Makeup

If you are curious to know how cosmetics and makeup has influenced our society, try asking a timid girl whose confidence gets boosted by a lash of color on her lips. Or maybe, ask those working professionals, trying to get rid of dark circles by applying layers of cosmetics.

Makeup has always been an accessory to flaunt, no doubt. But most of the times people have confessed it to be a booster for their self-esteem.

It is an art accepted and nurtured by generations. Tracing back to the times of ancient history, Egyptians were the ones who introduced our race to makeup. Mastering the art of cat eye and other efficient beauty ingredients, the purpose of makeup for them was to attract the attention of Gods for their mercy and grace.

Rome however adapted makeup in a self-inclined way. For them use of makeup and cosmetics were a matter of social class.

Even in ancient India we have heard stories of how the kings lost their hearts to princesses over one look. For this wouldn’t have been imaginable enough without beauty enhancements and makeup! Beauty has always been one of the reasons behind concurred kingdoms and ferocious victories. Well, makeup is mightier than swords, sometimes.

While Cleopatra was one of the most appealing divas of ancient history, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe elegantly ruled the 20th century. The glamour they pulled off onscreen was liberating. Thick eyebrows, dark eyelashes, red nail paint, perfect eyeliner, mascara and those stunning pair of lips colored red, one could not take their eyes off them!

This era however, was also revolutionized by the launch of first lipstick by the French and thus started the renaissance of the age old makeup culture. The handy cosmetic products we keep in our purses today is the outcome of constant creative evolution. Like Rome, even cosmetics weren’t built in a day.

Although today we have a diversified range of cosmetic products and brands, easily accessible, cosmetic surgeries have been the ruling drift of 21st century. But trading one’s health for their adolescence comes with a heavy price.

While surgery inclines to be today’s celebrity trend, the common race mainly wavers between the notion of boldness and simplicity. Our generation believes in experimenting and combining different makeup charms to produce unique fusion styles.

Makeup has always been a genre of self-expression to our race. We are trying to understand this art form of infinite boundaries, making ourselves a masterpiece in our own unique ways.