About us

Established in 2007, Strands Academy believes in providing highest standards of education in all aspects of beauty and hair therapies. We at Strands, train the aspirants who are keen to make their mark in beauty industry, by our intense practical training programs. At Strands, in a short time you can be on your way to a successful career by doing what you love and getting paid for it. We develop skills and confidence in aspirants; to turn their dreams into reality.

Our curriculum will motivate and inspire you, giving you skills that link directly to personal success.Our honest & integral approach to hair, nail, make up and beauty education engages you with new learning & techniques. For us, education is about reaching your personal best. We offer courses that both challenge and support because this is the positive attitude that builds confidence and conquers fear.

Students at all levels of experience from beginners to advanced can learn the hob approach with a range of courses relevant to daily demands of contemporary alone business from classic cutting and color to more advanced creative and specialist techniques.

Welcome to Strands Academy For Skill Development

From the CEO’s Desk

On behalf of STRANDS ACADEMY FOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT (SASD), it is a great pleasure for me to offer Indian & International students an extensive curriculum in the field of Beauty, Hair, Makeup, Nail, Spa & Nutrition. The Institute offers students from all origin a special educational program in which lectures and research supervision are given in English as well as in Hindi. The Institute was established in 2007 with a wide variety of specialties. It aims to offer opportunities to students in the field of COSMETOLOGY a wide variety of Beauty Culture courses developed through research and education.

Strands Academy, envisioned the changing lifestyle trends in India & realized that this change will mean that service expectations & standards of consumers will be in line with international standards. Strands Academy is driven by the mission to provide quality education within hair & beauty and also uplift the image & gain recognition for the industry professionals at par with other creative professionals within other industry set ups.

Our approach to training in Strands is not limited to imparting professional training but also improve personality of students by identifying imperfections and acting on these.Ironically hairdressers are the people who create fashion but still they do not get their due respect. In summary, we at Strands put in our best to train and groom you into true professionals so that you can enjoy the same reputation and esteem as any other professional in other industry. As an initiative towards corporate social responsibility, we offer subsidised training to widows, riot victims, differently abled and other weaker sections of the society.

Our Team Member

Ms Mallika Chawla

Mallika is a trained professional with hands on experience with world’s leading brands in the beauty world. Over the years, she has graduated as one of the cornerstones for Strands. Her experience as a Wella Trainer is an asset Strands is proud of. Her experience and skills will come in very handy at SASD to nurture beauty professionals of tomorrow.

Ms Raman Ghai

Ms. Raman Ghai has experienced many diverse aspects of the professional salon industry, while earning her position as Head of Training for make up at Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd. She also serves as faculty head of Strands Academy. She has become a Board Certified Professional Make-up Artist and a very successful Strands Educator.